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Choose the tote bag you want from:

  • Moira's attempts at getting the naem right during her boozy fruit wine commercial.
  • David in a field from when he runs away
  • Rose family portrait that matches the pin badge


The pin badge is a minimalist family portrait of the Rose family and is 4cm at it's widest point and 3.5cm in height.





Schitt's Creek tote and wooden pin badge bundle

  • Birch Plywood sourced from fast-growing woods from ethical suppliers, means quality badges, using environmentally friendly materials, whilst actively funding responsible woodland management schemes.

    Please note that Birch Plywood is a natural material which means that the colour, grain, and texture of each badge will be different from the next. 

    Wooden pin badges use 20 to 24 times less energy to produce than enamel pin badges!

  • The bags are pressed by me, therefore, things may be off centre and tilted, this all adds to the uniqueness of a handmade product. And makes your item truly one of a kind.

    The tote bags are a very good quality soft feel bag suitable for a range of uses. Eco friendly made using recyclable plastic Soft feel Long handles Colour: Natural Size: 42 x 37 cm 100% Polyester


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