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About pbfhpunk

Life is great.

It wasn't always great though, my first husband was abusive and stripped me of my confidence, my own thoughts, and my values. I became adept at hiding my true feelings and beliefs so as not to speak out of turn. Since that marriage ended I've been vocal about my passions, I speak up for what I believe in and I try to encourage others to do the same. That's why I started PBFHPUNK.

Now pbfhpunk is me and my (new and improved) husband who designs any of the illustrative bags you see.

Most of my bags come from my personal experience, whether that's from my first marriage, my mother's diagnosis and experience of  bowel cancer or my love of all things 80s and refusal to believe that it wasn't the greatest decade in terms of film. My products make a statement, whether it be about catcalls, mansplaining or that Grease 2 is a far better film than Grease.

I'm always so proud to see the messages that are requested to accompany the products brought as gifts. Knowing they're being gifted to strong people by strong people. That they're being used to empower people and help them find their voice.

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